Whiskey Smash Recipe Strawberry

In a cocktail shaker, add 2 peach slices, 2 strawberries, mint, honey and lemon juice. Make and serve in the same glass.

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Fill a collins glass with ice and pour your mixture into the glass.

Whiskey smash recipe strawberry. Simmer until the sugar is dissolved, stirring occasionally. Top with seltzer water and remaining peach and strawberries slices. How to make a strawberry smash whiskey cocktail.

To make the whiskey smash even easier, use a heavy bottomed double rocks glass and add the lemon directly to the glass. The strawberry mojito, a fun twist on the classic cuban cocktail, is a refreshing mix of strawberries, rum, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, mint, and bubbly club soda. Mash with a muddler, or the back of a spoon, until fruit breaks down.

Fill the glass with crushed ice,. Shake well for a minute till combined. Add the strawberry simple syrup, get out that muddler and muddle well.

Let cool, and then strain. In a mixing glass, thoroughly muddle strawberries with the basil. Pour a couple of ounces of whiskey in a glass (with a large ice cube) add a splash of simple syrup spank some mint leaves and add it to the glass.

The strawberry smash again, in honor of mad men 's season finale and the most beloved redhead on tv — joan harris — new york city's whiskey blue has created a sultry yet sweet summer cocktail. Mash your strawberries with your muddler till your strawberries are broken down, infusing the strawberry flavor into the simple syrup. Add strawberry jam, buffalo trace bourbon, and ice.

We like how the neutral spirit leaves plenty of room for the berries, the herbs and the citrus to. You want to compress the lemon wedges to release not only their juices, but also the oils in the peel, which creates a richer taste when combined with the whiskey and sugar. And yes, it's a redhead, too.

If bartenders of the day used a liquid sweetener, it most likely would have been gomme syrup. Top it off with club soda. Pour into a glass filled with ice and garnish with mint and a strawberry.

Muddle the lemon, then add the mint and muddle gently. Using a muddler (or the back of a wooden spoon), thoroughly mash the two ingredients. Thomas specifically calls for spearmint) lends cooling minty notes.

Garnish with strawberry or mint. Adding a few fresh mint leaves to the shaker (mr. Add your whiskey and lemon juice and put your cocktail shaker lid on.

The strawberry whisky smash is the drink you want when it’s hot outside and you are craving a refreshing but easy to make cocktail. If you don't have a muddler, smash the ingredients with the back of a spoon or the handle of a wooden spoon. You want to make sure to.

Now, the bacon salt rim didn’t quite make it onto the drink. Muddle strawberries, lemon juice, basil, and simple syrup together in a cocktail glass until smashed together and fragrant. Mmmmmm…refreshing, a little hint of sweetness and definitely reminiscent of summer.

This recipe is also a perfect starting point for experimentation, swap out the strawberry with your preferred fruit and see where the flavour takes you. Squeeze in the juice of one lemon and a drizzle of honey. (about ½ oz.) strawberry jam;

Pick perfectly ripe strawberries, quarter them and place them in the bottom of a mixing tin along with a half lemon/quartered. Combine lemon, mint, and simple syrup in a mixing glass and muddle thoroughly. For a more detailed whiskey smash recipe, visit bon appetit.

Strawberry and mint syrup directions. For our strawberry smash, we added a handful of the red berries and swapped the whiskey for vodka. Place the strawberries and mint into a cocktail shaker.

Roughly tear the basil leaves, drop them in the shaker and muddle again, but not too roughly. Top off with ginger ale. Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker.

Put the strawberries, lemon and simple syrup in the bottom of your shaking tin and muddle until the juice from both the strawberries and lemons has been expressed from the fruit and is combined with the simple syrup. A good smash requires a good muddler.

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